09 April 2015

US: Federal Reserve split on timing of interest rate hike

the-us-federal-reserveGerman politicians have expressed concern over Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras’s visit to Moscow and urged the radical-left leader to adhere to the EU’s official strategy towards Russia.

The president of the European Parliament and prominent German social democrat Martin Schulz told daily Bild on Wednesday that Greece should not take steps which would undermine EU unity on sanctions against Russia, brought over the Ukraine crisis.

He said: “I can only advise Greece not to jeopardize the unity of the Europeans.”

“Greece asked for EU solidarity and also received that. Now we can also ask from Greece not to deviate from the commonly agreed measures.”

Tsipras is paying a two-day official visit to Moscow as Greek officials continue intense negotiations with European creditors on the extension of the country’s bailout program.

His visit has been interpreted by some observers and politicians as an attempt to confound his European creditors with the prospect of closer economic and political ties with Russia.



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