Turkey has 50 years of capital and experience in automotive sector; Ergun.

nihat_ergun_600Turkey has 50 years of capital and experience in automotive sector, said Minister Nihat Ergun.

ISTANBUL – Hasan Arslan

Turkish Minister of Science, Industry and Technology, Nihat Ergun, said Thursday that Turkey had 50 years of capital, entrepreneurship, technological knowhow and experience in the automotive sector.
Speaking to the AA on the manufacturing of automobiles in Turkey, Ergun said that domestic production of automobiles in Turkey would not be an obstacle for other brands to make investments in the Turkish market.
Foreign automobile companies have opportunities in Turkey. Investment incentives in Turkey are sufficient for other brands to produce cars in Turkey, said Ergun.
We had made a call on Ford to produce cars in Turkey but they did not take a step yet. I hope that they will take the necessary step. There is a share for all in the Turkish market. No one’s market share would go down. They need not worry, Ergun said.
I do not find realistic comments that if the domestic market does not grow, companies producing in Turkey may get hurt. These are remarks made without calculations, Ergun said.
In reference to local production of automobiles, we do not want a report that sees things through rose-colored glasses. The report may inform us about the difficulties we may face in producing cars in Turkey. We want to see a report which underlines Turkey’s experiences of 50 years in the automotive sector and that affirms Turkey’s strength to produce cars, Ergun also said.


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