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Mugla:  Muğla, at the crossroads of the Aegean and Mediterranean Region, is a piece of paradise comprised of coves such as Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye, Gocek and many more.

Mugla is an indispensable summer resort offering a myriad of beautiful and unique holiday resorts.

Located at the foot of Mount Hisar, the city, with a history dating back to 3000 BC is home to many ruins and monuments. Mugla is literally an open air museum with 103 historical sites situated within the borders of the province.

Situated on the southwestern tip of Turkey, Mugla, reigend by a Mediterranean climate, has the longest coast line of Turkey reaching 110 kilometers. Among one of the cities rich in forests, Mugla receives heavy rain particularly in the winter months.

Famous for its old Greek and Turkish style wooden houses, Mugla preserves its quaint streets and historic monuments in their original state.

Vacationers who want to take a sojourn to the heavenly bays and taste the delicacies of the Aegean cuisine are always welcome in the province.


Mugla is the first city that comes to mind when talking of water sports or extreme sports. The region offers a variety of sports options ranging from surfing to motor cross and paragliding to horse safari.

Offering different beauties and adventures in every corner, the major towns of Mugla are Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye, Dalyan, Datca and Milas.

In case you spend your holiday in Bodrum, you should definitely dive and visit the Underwater Archeology Museum. The museum showcases magnificently unique works that open doors to another world.

The Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, which is one of the seven world wonders is located in Halicarnassus, the former name of Bodrum, and shows influences of Greek and Egyptian architecture. A dinner at sunset in Gumusluk, after your visit at the mausoleum, will make your visit to Bodrum a memorable experience.

It is highly recommended that you take a boat tour in case you visit Marmaris. You can revel in the shades of blue by taking a trip along the beautiful and crystal clear bays. The world famous honey of Marmaris is only one of the specialties that await you at the bazaar of the area.

Fethiye, on the other hand, is another piece of heaven waiting for its visitors. Your visit to Fethiye is not complete unless you have swum in Oludeniz, visited Butterfly Valley, seen the beautiful beaches of Göcek, paraglided off Babadag Mountain and eaten fish at the famous fish market.

If you are planning to visit Dalyan, Iztuzu beach is ever ready to welcome you with its wonderful beach and sea. A trip to the ancient city of Caunos after taking a boat trip will take you to the legendary times of antiquity.

In case you visit Datça, do not forget to visit the ancient city of Knidos and try Datca almonds. You should also visit the ancient the city of Iasos at Kiyikislacik and sightsee the Gümüşkesen grave in case you plan to go to Milas.

Holiday makers who want to spend a holiday full of sports and adrenaline can choose from a variety of options such as quad safari and jeep safari, paragliding, kiteboarding, rafting, scuba diving, motocross, horse safaris, trekking, yachting, canoeing and surfing. Done in almost every town in Mugla, these sports activities boost the adrenaline level of all extreme sport enthusiasts.

If you visit Mugla, you should first try the homemade Tarhana. Another specialty that should be tasted are the olives called Karya specially produced in this city. Keşkek is another specialty that is cooked especially on weddings.

Offering a variety of beautiful things, Mugla is ready to welcome its guest. Are you ready for a pleasant holiday experience?

How can I get there?

Mugla is one of the cities with highly advanced transportation facilities. One can easily get to Mugla and its districts via airway or highway.

There are direct flights from all cities of Turkey to Mugla Dalaman Airport. After their arrival at the airport, travelers to Fethiye or Marmaris may take the shuttle buses or taxis waiting outside of the exit gate to reach their destination.

It is relatively easy to get to the districts of Mugla as the province is located at the intersection point of highways. The roads lead even to the remotest locations and may inspire you to discover scenic beauties.Apart from that, you may also consider taking a trip to Datça by taking one of the ferries leaving from Bodrum.

All these beautiful regions can be reached by taking small trips within the province of Mugla. All you have to do is to book your flight.


Mugla, in addition to the magnificent holiday resorts is home to many festivals and events. You will have great fun if you find the chance to participate in one of the festivals during your stay.

The Caretta Caretta turtles that have been living in Dalyan protecting their species for over 100 million years can be seen during the International Caretta Caretta Turtles Culture and Tourism Festival in Dalyan.

Apart from that, oil wrestling is a traditional sport in Turkey. You can watch traditional oil wrestling in August in Fethiye and get familiarized with this type of sport.

The International Folk Dance Festival held in Datça in September welcomes dancers and cultures from all over the world.

The Marmaris Yacht Charter Shol, Channel Regatta, Port Göcek International Regatta and Turkey Surfing Championship organized in Marmaris, Göcek, and Datça promise water sports enthusiasts entertaining times.

Many more events and festivals invite visitors to Mugla. Just decide which activities you want to participate.


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