“The Operation is the continuation of the previous ones”

erdogannPresident Recep Tayyip Erdoğan responded to questions from the press about the current affairs on the agenda prior to his departure for KKTC.

Question: Mr. President, congratulations on your new post. Chief of General Staff Full Gen. Necdet Özel made a statement regarding the resolution process for the Kurdish issue and he said: ‘We will respond if our red lines are crossed. We have asked the road map to be handed to us, but have not received the document yet. We have the information about the road map through the media. I wish we had been consulted as to the issue.’ Gen. Özel also shared his views about the parallel structure and noted that ‘we have also asked the National Intelligence Organization (MIT) and the police department for any document about the parallel structure, but no such document has been sent to us, yet.’ Mr. President, can we hear your evaluations about Gen. Özel’s statements regarding these issues?

President Erdoğan: “We will discuss them with Gen .Özel during our regular weekly meeting.”

Q: Mr. President, I would like to congratulate you on being elected. Today, another operation has been launched against the parallel structure in the police department. What evaluations can you make about that, sir?

President Erdoğan: As you know, today’s operation is the continuation of a process which includes the previous ones. I wouldn’t say this one will be the last. There might be new documents and information that could be received through this operation and these could lead to another operation in this regard. I cannot say what information can be revealed at the end of this operation and who could be arrested by the criminal judge of peace. Therefore, we will follow the process.”

Q: Mr. President, Germany’s Der Spiegel put forward an allegation that the US and German intelligence services had been spying on Turkey for years and this allegation has created harsh discussions in the country. Will the government research whether that is true? If it is true, what studies will be carried out to find out why and what precautions will be taken about that issue?”

President Erdoğan: “You know, it turned out that the US had conducted espionage against Germany, which also created serious arguments in German as well. As for the allegations about Turkey, we will discuss it clearly and openly with the leaders during the NATO Summit and the UN General Assembly. On the other hand, I would like to reiterate that the countries with strong intelligence services are involved in such issues. What information they have reached and decyphered and how they do that are of great importance at this point. I believe that such statements which could pose a threat to world peace can be taken under control.”


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