13 April 2014

Speak Out (bullying)

BeatBullying: Speak Out (bullying)
This lesson plan from BeatBullying for KS3/4 asks pupils to reflect on bullying scenarios in schools, in the community and online, and is designed to provoke discussion on the types of advice or safety tips they could give the victim, the bully or the bystander. The lesson plan also gives young people an opportunity to translate their advice into a pledge for how they will make bullying unacceptable. Find all BeatBullying’s 2012 anti-bullying week resources on the Guardian Network here. Keywords: BeatBullying2012, bullying advice, cyber-bullying, internet safety, online bullying. You will also need to download the BeatBullying: Speak Out (KS3-4) Pledge Board to complete this lesson plan.
Shared by: daisy.picking@beatbullying.org
Age group : Secondary (age 11-18)
Subject: Citizenship, PSHE
Topic : Other
Added: 06 November 2012


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