17 January 2016

Russian airstrikes kill five in Syria’s Aleppo: Sources

thumbs_b_c_b3a1770e7ac3ce358b450414b61aba2eWarplanes target residential parts of Aleppo’s opposition-held Kallaseh district, local civil defense officials tell Anadolu Agency


Five people were killed and another 11 injured by airstrikes carried out by Russian warplanes on Sunday in Aleppo’s opposition-held Kallaseh district, according to local sources.

Local civil defense officials told Anadolu Agency that the airstrikes had targeted residential parts of the district, adding that efforts to save people trapped under rubble were still underway.

Since Sept. 30 of last year, Russia — a close ally of Syria’s Assad regime — has targeted a number of civilian areas in Syria, according to U.S. officials.

In a recent report, the Syrian Network for Human Rights asserted that Russian airstrikes had killed 583 people — the vast majority of whom were civilians — since it began its air campaign last September.

While the Kremlin says the airstrikes target positions held by the Daesh militant group, some members of the western NATO alliance say Russia is targeting moderate opposition groups opposed to Assad.

Anadolu Agency


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