President Erdoğan Takes Presidential Oath of Office at TBMM

2014-08-28-devirteslim-09-tbmmWelcomed by Deputy Speaker Ayşe Nur Bahçekapılı of the TBMM upon his arrival at the parliament, President Erdoğan greeted the Escort of Honor and proceeded to the General Assembly Hall with his wife, First Lady Emine Erdoğan. TBMM Speaker Cemil Çiçek welcomed the First Couple in front of the Gate of Honor.

Afterwards, Speaker Çiçek presided over the TBMM General Assembly holding an extraordinary meeting on the occasion of President Erdoğan’s swearing-in ceremony. Upon his arrival at the General Assembly Hall, President Erdoğan was welcomed with standing ovasion by Speaker Çiçek, MPs and other invitees. Speaker Çiçek read aloud the framed certificate of election of President Erdoğan and presented it to the President, saying: “I hereby am presenting this to you as per the constitution, bylaw and the Presidential Election Law. The decision that our nation has made will bring every happiness and blessing to our country, nation, state, democracy and His Excellency President Erdoğan. May Allah be with you!”

Receiving his certificate of election from Speaker Çiçek, President Erdoğan, accompanied by Deputy Speaker Bahçekapılı as he stepped up to the rostrum. The President later took oath of office under article 103 in the constitution, saying: “In my capacity as President of the Republic, I swear upon my honor and dignity before the great Turkish nation and before history to protect the existence and independence of the state, the indivisible integrity of the country and nation, and the sovereignty of the nation without restriction or stipulation; to abide by the Constitution, the rule of law, democracy, the principles and reforms of Atatürk, and the principle of a secular republic; not to deviate from the ideal of all enjoying human rights and basic freedoms in peace, prosperity and in a spirit of national solidarity and justice; to preserve and enhance the glory and honor of the Republic of Turkey and to work with all my strength to perform with impartiality the functions that I have assumed.”

Afterwards, the Presidential Symphony Orchestra played the national anthem. In the meantime, the Presidential Seal was hoisted and a 101-gun salute was fired at the army heardquarters.

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