President Erdoğan Hosts Victory Day Reception

2014-08-30-zaferbayrami-19-resepsiyonTop state officials and a number of guests from different segments of the society joined the reception.

The First Couple welcomed their guests at the ceremonial ground of the Çankaya Presidential Palace.


Attending the reception were Speaker Cemil Çiçek of the Turkish Grand National Assembly (TBMM); Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu; Chief of General Staff Full Gen. Necdet Özel; Ministers; Commanders-in Chief of the Turkish Armed Forces; families of martyrs; war veterans; academicians; business leaders, athletes who won medals in international competitions; chiefs of foreign missions; bureaucrats; officers from all ranks; representatives of NGOs and columnists.

Neighborhood mukhtars from the 7 regions of the country as well as the mukhtars of the neighborhoods, where President Erdoğan’s residences in Ankara and Istanbul are located, were also present at the reception.

In the choreography held at the ceremonial ground, the soldiers of the Presidential Guard Regiment exhibited the 21 military uniforms that the Turkish armies have used throughout history including the times of the Ottoman Empire.


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