President Erdoğan Attends Ceremony at Atatürk Culture Center

2014-08-30-zaferbayrami-12-hipodromPresidency Of The Republic Of Turkey : President Erdoğan Attends Ceremony at Atatürk Culture Center

Welcomed by the Chief of General Staff, Full Gen. Necdet Özel; Garrison Command Lt. Gen. Metin İyidil and Ceremonial Commander Major Gen. Erdoğan Akyol at the entrance of the parade ground, President Erdoğan arrived at the AKM in an open top car from which he greeted the military troops and citizens.

After that, the ceremony was launched as President Erdoğan took his place in the VIP enclosure.


Lt. Meltem Öztürk and Lt. İsmail Aksoy delivered a speech on behalf of their schoolmates during the ceremony. Afterwards, the airborne troops of the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) demonstrated a show. The parade was launched when the Harmonic Band of the TSK took their positions. In the meantime, President Erdoğan rose to greet the military parade.

After the parade, the ceremony ended with the show demonstrated by the Turkish Stars.



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