13 April 2014

Photographer Albert Watson captured at work

Photographer Albert Watson doesn’t know what it would be like to have binocular vision. Blind in one eye from birth, he looks on the world as the camera does, through just one lens.

albert-watsonWhat the 71-year-old Scot looks for in an image, is “power and memorability”. Those characteristics have become his trademark in a 40-year career, in which he has worked for Vogue, Rolling Stone and on high-profile advertising campaigns, photographing everything from the crags of Clint Eastwood’s cheekbones to the pitted rock of a standing stone on Orkney
That directness would sometimes cause problems. Working on fashion shots for Vogue, for instance, they would complain that the pictures were “too strong”.

“I always associate that with being good, iconically powerful, graphically etched, but I’d hear ‘Does every shot really have to be this massive?'”

The BBC programme What Do Artists Do All Day? followed him for a recent shoot on the Isle of Skye. He had chosen to visit in October on purpose – “crazy weather and no midgies” – and got what he wanted – four seasons all in one day, as he travelled around the island on the lookout for visions of intense beauty


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