The jailed PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan has called on his Kurdistan Workers’ Party, or PKK, to convene on a congress to make a decision to end its struggle against Turkey.

The PKK should hold its congress in accordance with the sprit of the time in order to put an end to its 40-year armed struggle against Turkey,” said Ocalan in his letter, read by Pervin Buldan, the co-chair of the main Kurdish part’s parliamentary group.

The historic message has been read during the traditional celebrations in the Newroz Park in predominantly-Kurdish Diyarbakır. A total of 700 international and local reporters have covered his message.

The Turkish version of the two-page letter has been read by SUreyya Onder, an Istanbul deputy from the People’s Democracy Party, or HDP,

The PKK leader has urged for formulating new strategies in accordance with the sprit of the new era. “It is a necessitty for PKK to hold congress in order to adopt the new political and social strategies and tactics in accordance with the new era’s spirit,” Ocalan said in his message

Ocalan has not send a direct message to his followers to give up armed struggle against Turkey but emphasized the importace of continuation of ‘fortified ceasfire’ between the PKK militants and Turkish military.
The police and the military have taken ultra-tight security measures in and around the city to prevent any unrest which will provoke the celebrations.

Diyarbakır governor’s office announced that 5,000 police officers have been on high alert in order to ensure security for the celebrations. A total of 152 armoured and civilian police cars have been sent to the venue where a big traditional bonfire was lit to mark the Kurdish holiday.

The crowds have sang, danced and jump over the flames of small bonfires, symbolically burning away the impurities of the past.

Yeni Şafak