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There are lots of pieces of art, reflecting Ancient Age, Medieval Age, Byzantium and Ottoman culture in a territory city, Kırklareli, and it has an ideal center position for coastal tourism, culture, caravan, camping and water sports tourism, hunt and nature tourism like various branches.


Kırklareli Museum has 553 ethnographic, 1189 archeological, 1995 coins, a total of 3737 registered pieces of art.

Hızırbey Complex consists of the Hızırbey Mosque, Hızırbey Bath and Arasta (Bazaar).

Important Complex (Kulliyes) of the city are Hızır Bey Külliye in Kırklareli center and Sokullu Mehmet Paşa Külliye in Lüleburgaz district.

Important churches and monasteries are Small Hagia Sophia Church at Vize province, Mağara Monastery, Ayanikola Sacred Fountain and Monastery , Rock Monastery in Kaynarca, Byzantium Period Vize Cavern Monastery and Byzantium Period Ayanikola Monastery in Kıyıköy.

There’s the famous Dupnisa Cave which is believed to be formed 4 million years ago and used for Dionysian Rituals (Sparagmos) in the ancient times.

Aşağıpınar district is settled by various tribes from Neolithic period till Hellenistic period and is worth seeing.

There are 92 registered tumulis within territories of the city. Some of them are; Kırklareli A,B,G tumuli, Alpullu Mound Hill Tumulus, Lüleburgaz Kepirtepe Tumulus, Düz Orman Tumulus and İslam Bey Tumulus.


Because of its geographical location, the climate of Kırklareli is varying according to the regions. There’s terrestrial climate with hot summers and cold winters in the city center and at the sea distant parts of the city. On the north side of the region, Black Sea climate is more dominant with cool summers and cold winters.

How can I get there?

If you want to go your own vehicle to Kirklareli some distance from the centers are as follows:From Tekirdag is about 116 kilometers (km) and takes about 30 minutes, about 1 hour by car.From Istanbul is about 212 kilometers (km) and takes about 30 minutes for about 3 hours by car.From Ankara is about 662 kilometers (km) and takes about 45 minutes to about 8 hours by car.


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