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Canakkale: A strait connecting Europe and Asia as well as the Aegean and the Marmara Seas; and the most important center of the civilizations of Troy and Assos but most importantly the symbol of independence.

The city, which was called Hellespont and Dardanelles in the ancient times, took the name Çanakkale after a major war during the last phase of the Ottoman Empire.  Having been the scene of great wars and victories, the glorious city has witnessed different phases of history and is now harboring the landmarks of these historic times.

The city which forms a cultural mosaic with the Biga Peninsula is reined by the Mediterranean and Black Sea climates. The city receives heavy rain in the autumn while the winter months bring along harsh wind passages.

The National Historical Park of the Gallipoli peninsula with its ruins of the land and sea combats during WWI, and its impressive war memorials and monuments is inscribed on the list of National Parks and Protected Areas of the United Nations. The historic Gallipoli peninsula is an epic place and a must-see sight that is worth the visit.

The city, where the lush nature meets the deep blue sea along the shores and coves of the Dardanelles, is the epitome of peace and tranquility in itself.


Çanakkale with its monuments of the civilizations that have changed the history and its natural wonders would probably rank among the first in the list of cities that must be visited.

Gallipoli which has witnessed many offensives during the Battle of Gallipoli and been the site of a great historical struggle is a must-see site for history enthusiasts who want to remember and get a feel of those days on site.

Also known as Behramkale and the site of the Temple of Athena built in 600 BC; Assos rises above the Biga Peninsula and the Gulf of Edremit.Frequently visited by tourists, the site fascinates its visitors with its stunning views particularly during sunrise.

Bozcaada and Gokceada are the other beautiful sites of Canakkale province. The unique harbors and bays located in Bozcaada offer an amazing view and the opportunity to dive. Gökçeada is one of the largest islands of Turkey surounded by a series of bays. The hills are covered with pine and olive trees, and here are monasteries and sacred wells.

Located in the Hisar district of Çanakkale province the ancient city of Troy is an important witness to history. Troy is home to the myth of the “Trojan Horse” and was visited by St. Paul several times before he started his third missionary journey at this point.

The Ionic and Roman artefacts found during the excavations at the Dardanos monument in Maltepe are now opened to visitors. The altar of Zeus, who was known as the king of Gods in Greek mythology, is located by a cliff and definitely worth the visit.

You can rejuvenate yourself in the healing waters derived from a variety of thermal springs at the Thermal Tourism Facilities of Kestanbol and take a pleasant mud bath. You can dive at the magnificent coves of Saros, Gökçeada and Bozcaada and go out fishing or take part in a horse safari.

The effect of the transitional climate reining in Canakkale is particularly visible in the local cuisine. Especially, the fishermen at the antique harbor should be visited to taste the cuisine of Canakkale which is rich in varieties of seafood. Visitors in Canakkale should definitely try specialties such as scorpion fish soup, sardines wrapped in vine leaves, roasted meat with yoghurt and cheese halva.

This unique landscape where nature and culture meet welcomes its guests in all seasons.


Canakkale which attracts the attention for its history and developmenting infrastructure is host to many national and international festivals that take place especially in the summer months.

Canakkale receives many visitors from Australia and New Zealand on Anzac Day on April 25 to commemorate their ancestors lost in the Battle of Çanakkale.

International Troia Festival held in August organizes many concerts, exhibitions and competitions and welcomes many participants. The Küçükkuyu International Zeus Culture and Art Festival is another festival offering concerts and other activities to its guests.

The Çardak fair and Çardak Wrestling Competitions taking place at the fairground area in Lapseki, a town of Canakkale province, promise entertaining times.

The Gökçeada Film Festival promises entertaining movie sessions while the Erenköy Vintage Festival offers the most beautiful crops that you can taste.

There are numerous other festivals and activities waiting for their visitors in Canakkale province; and of course, you are invited as well!

How can I get there?

Canakkale is located in the vicinity of Istanbul and there are plenty of transport options.

Çanakkale Airport is located close to the city center and there are reciprocal flights between Canakkale and Ankara Esenboga Airport. The city center can be reached by taking any of the transportation facilities or taxis waiting outside of the airport.

Travelers who want to arrive in Canakkale via highway can embark on a pleasant journey. There are shuttle buses in every city in Turkey that will take you to Canakkale after a pleasant journey.

What’s more, there are a variety of ferries and shuttles at your service that will take you to various districts within Canakkale province after a short trip.

Among the variety of transportation options, you will certainly find the right alternative that will take you to right destination where you can enjoy the scenic beauties of the region!


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