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A city with its roots back in 7000 BC, formerly named Tralleis and Guzelhisar (meaning Beautiful Citadel) and home to various ancient civilizations: Aydin.

The famous historian of the antique world, Herodotus describes the city as the place lying beneath the most beautiful sky that one can imagine with a most agreeable climate. For the famous 17th century Turkish traveler, Velia Celebes, oil leaks out of its mountains and honey leaks out of its prairies.

In antiquity Aydin was the center of many civilizations such as Aphrodisias, Miletus, Didyma, Nysa and Priene. The city flourished even more under the Hittites. After the city was subjected to the Seljuk Empire, it was introduced to the Turkish civilization, and eventually becoming a province in 1923 with the declaration of the modern Republic.

Spanning the fertile lands on the sides of Buyuk Menderes River (the ancient Meander River), situated in the west of Turkey, Aydin enjoys the pleasant Mediterranean climate, with hot and dry summers and warm winters. The high mountains make it possible both for the forests and the maquis to flourish.

Aydin attracts its visitors with its wonderful resort towns of Didim (Didyma) and Kusadasi. This year you too can join the thousands of tourists who fall in love with the place.


Being a center in many civilizations since the antiquity, Aydin is home to historic and natural riches.

71 kilometers from Aydin, Kusadasi is an interesting place to explore with its many spas, its caves, Aslanli and Zeus, in addition to its splendid bays and beaches. You can explore the many wonders of this town in any season of the year.

Its settlement located in the Buyuk Menderes delta region, Didim is famous for its handicrafts, adorable natural beauty with the beaches and the sea. Didim also houses the Temple of Apollo which used to be the center of prophecy in antiquity.

For the nature and history enthusiast, two of the major destinations are Sirtlanini Cave, with its close location to the Aphrodisias ruins, and Zeus Cave, with its cool waters.
Aphrodisias Archeological Site and Museum, the Temple of Apollo, Aydin Archeological Museum, Karacasu Ethnography Museum, Gerga, Harpasa and Alinda are some of the most interesting historical riches to be visited.

If you are looking for alternative activities, you can go to Karabaglar Canyon, go trekking or biking in the Besparmaklar Mountains and the Dilek Peninsula National Park, combining travel with nature and adrenaline.

An unmistakable stop on the itineraries of all the world’s leading cruises, Kusadasi is one of the three biggest ports in Turkey. You can make your visit even more exciting by joining a tour from Kusadasi to the Greek islands or a different route.

With its cultural, historic and natural riches, Aydin appeals both to the traditional summer traveler and the action lover.


A witness to different civilizations for centuries, today Aydin houses numerous festivals and cultural activities.

From January to March, camel wrestling is held at different times in various towns.

Sultanhisar – Nysa International Culture and Art Festival in April brings many lovers of art from different countries.

During the traditional Plum Festival in spring you can taste the first produce, try the delicious fruits during the traditional Golden Fig Festival.

Didim Peace Festival invites people from different cultures, hosting many sports and cultural events. You too can contribute to this call for peace in Didim.

Festivals in Aydin continue to be held all the year around, making this magnificent city a crossroads for different people.

How can I get there?

Although Aydin is a convenient stop, close to other attractions in the Aegean Region, the lack of an airport makes it necessary to use the highway.

With the recently constructed highway network of 772 kilometers within the Province of Aydin, transportation is easy and comfortable.
Although the railroad network is somewhat limited with the connection from Izmir through Denizli to Aydin, the journey is rather delightful and short.

If you are planning to use the sea route to Aydin, the ports you can use are located in Kusadasi and Didim. Also ferries take visitors from Kusadasi to Samos for the day.

Public transportation within the city is well-organized, with frequent buses to the towns.

Don’t you think it’s time to plan your visit?


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