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Adiyaman: A city of civilizations, founded in the 40000 BC on the Southeastern Taurus Mountain complex, one of the first human settlements to be known.

Home to 16 different civilizations, this ancient city is one of the prominent archeological sites in the world.

The famous Mount Nemrud and its ruins from the imperial cult of Commagene are located in the East Taurus mountain range.  In 2012, the Turkish chamber ensemble, Borusan Quartet, organized a concert entitled, “Songs Sung to the Sun,” at the summit of the Mount Nemrud, marking the place with an unforgettable musical experience.

Since the Taurus mountain range crosses the city, the city itself protected on the north by the Malatya Mountains, there are two different climates on the north and the south sides of Adiyaman. With hot summers and cold winters on the south side, the north side is cooler and colder in the summers and winters.

Located in the Central Euphrates part of the Fertile Crescent, Adiyaman enjoyed being a center at the crossroads of major trade routes for thousands of years and thus hosted many civilizations. It is now your turn to follow those ancient routes.


On the western fringes of Southeastern Anatolia, Adiyaman is impressive for its ancient works of art and historic sites that has been accumulated here for thousands of years.

The eighth wonder of the world, a UNESCO World Heritage site, the 2206-meter-high Mount Nemrud is situated on the Arsameia Ancient Route on the Eastern Taurus range, with breath-taking views of the sunrise and the sunset. The monumental tomb built for the Commagene King Antiochus I can be seen along with many statutes of Greek and Persian princes. There are also massive stone statues of gods specially arranged on the terraces. A unique cultural legacy from the antique world, Mount Nemrud attracts visitors from all around the world.

Adiyaman Museum is an important destination to see the ruins of the ancient civilizations. The approximately 22 thousand pieces in the museum’s collection range from the Palaeolithic Age to the Ottoman period.

The numerous rock tombs and caves in Adiyaman date from a variety of periods. The rock tombs in the ancient city of Perre, Zey and Gumuskaya caves and Haydaran rock caves stand out among many other similar ancient structures. Close to the city center, these sites are sure to take you to a remote time.

One thing you never should miss in Adiyaman is the handmade carpets and rugs. Discover the bazaar and get yourself Nemrud figurines, carpetbags and cicim – a kind of cloth peculiar to Adiyaman.

Adiyaman is also an exciting destination for a gustatory experience, too. You will love eating fish from the dam lake in the town of Kahta as well as Adiyaman Hitabi, Adiyaman Tavasiı, Adiyaman Kebabi ve Sillik dessert.

The famous Oturakci Bazaar is the place to go for the shopping fanatic interested in authentic and touristic souvenirs.

If you are ready to explore this ancient city and its legacy of many civilizations, all you have to do is to plan your visit.


Adiyaman hosts many national and international visitors each year for its festivals that take place amidst its historic and natural settings.

In June, the International Nemrud Kommagene Festival hosts a diversity of activities in one of the world’s most scenic spots with contributors from all around the world.

An event of education, Besni Education Feast is held in September with participants from Adiyaman and other cities.

Turkey Water Sports Feast, held in Ataturk Dam (the world’s fourth biggest), is sponsored by state and GAP (Southeastern Anatolia Project) Administration.

Come to Adiyaman to open window into the ancient world and discover natural beauties.

How can I get there?

As a city that attracts many from all around the world, Adiyaman does not fail to meet its visitors’ practical demands of transportation.

With daily flights between Istanbul and Adiyaman, the distances are shorter. Taxis and public transportation at the airport are at your service to take you to the city center.

You can travel by car or bus from any city in Turkey to go to Adiyaman. There are also railroad connections between Adiyaman and cities like Izmir, Elazig and Diyarbakir.

Adiyaman is the right destination if you are looking for a gustatory experience or action or shopping or a venture into the antique world – or all of the above!


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