Graduation Ceremony at the Naval Academy

2014-08-31-dho-10The ceremony was signaled to start when President Erdoğan, upon arrival at the ceremonial ground, greeted the graduating cadets of the Naval Academy, saying: “Hello, Naval Academy! Congratulations on your new ranks!” Afterwards, Commander of the Naval Academy Rear Admiral Mesut Özel and top-scoring student Lt. Mert İdacı each delivered a speech. The graduating cadets of the 241st term of the Academy later took oath. After that, top three students received diplomas.

President Erdoğan presented diploma to top-scoring student Lt. İdacı; Turkish Grand National Assembly (TBMM) Speaker Cemil Çiçek gave diploma to the second best student Lt. Ahmet Kirez and the third top-scoring student Lt. Eren Tüfekçi received diploma from the hands of Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu.

The national anthem was sung and the ceremony ended after the parade.

Afterwards, Navy aircrafts and helicopters made a demonstration flight.


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