08 April 2015

Germany dismisses ‘stupid’ Greek WW II reparations claim

germenGerman Vice-Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel has dismissed Greece’s demand for WWII reparations, describing it as “stupid”.

His remarks came on Tuesday a day after the Greek government told parliament that Germany owes Greece up to €287.7 billion in WW II reparations, €10.3 billion of which are for forced loans taken by the Nazis.

“Frankly speaking, I find this stupid,” said Gabriel, Germany’s Vice-Chancellor, Economic Affairs and Energy Minister, at a panel discussion in Berlin.

He said Germany acknowledged its moral responsibility for WW II, but believed the reparations debate had been closed under past agreements.

“It is in the interests of Greece now to open the door for a new leeway with the changing politics. This has nothing to do with the World War Two or the reparation payments,” he said.

Forced loans

He said the reparation claims of the Greek government would not make any contribution to the stabilization of the Greek economy.

Greece’s Alternate Minister of Revenue, Dimitris Mardas, told parliament on Monday that Germany owed Greece the compensation for forced loans taken by the Nazis.

Mardas added that the General Accounting Office had examined all the archived documents before making the determination.

The German government has repeatedly argued that the WWII reparation issue has been resolved under previous international agreements.

The newly-elected government of Greece, led by the radical-left SYRIZA, is currently negotiating with its European creditors, of which Germany is the largest, over the repayment of Greece’s €316 billion of public debt.


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