Crisis in Syria: An Endless War?

panelAs Syria’s conflict has entered its fifth year, window for sustainable peace is narrowing. While internal and external dynamics have been shifting, new actors such as the ISIS are adding new challenges to the already complicated conflict resolution efforts in Syria. Why a workable solution has not been found in Syria? Why has the international community been so slow in responding to the bloody conflict? What is the human and financial cost of the on-going conflict? And finally, what are the future scenarios for Syria?

In order to assess four year of conflict in Syria, SETA Foundation is organizing the panel entitled “Crisis in Syria: An Endless War?”

All those interested are warmly invited to attend.

Note: The event will be held in English with simultaneous translation into Turkish.


RSVP: Furkan Şenay | 0312 551 21 64

I. SESSION (13:00 – 14:45)
Moderator Ufuk Ulutaş, Director, SETA Foreign Policy
  • İbrahim Kalın, Spokesperson, Turkish Presidency
  • Halid Hoca, President, National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces
  • Jamal Khashoggi, General Manager, Al Arab Television


II. SESSION (15:00 – 16:45)
Moderator Yavuz Güçtürk, Researcher, SETA Law and Human Rights
  • Fuat Oktay, President, AFAD
  • Hussein al-Bakri, Interim Minister of Local Administration, Relief and Refugees
  • İbrahim Kaya, Professor of Law, İstanbul University


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