30 August 2014

August 30 Victory Day Marked across the Country

Pres2014-08-30-zaferbayrami-07-anitkabirident Recep Tayyip Erdoğan participated in  the ceremony held at Anıtkabir on the occasion of the 92nd anniversary of Victory Day.

President Erdoğan wrote in the Book of Honor as follows:

“August Atatürk,

On the 92nd anniversary of Victory Day, we are making tireless efforts to raise the level of our Republic, which you left to us as legacy, to that of the modern civilizations as per the aim you indicated.

I remember with gratitude you, all your comrades-in-arm, officers, soldiers and others who had contributions in that great victory, which serves as one of the most important symbols of our nation’s resoluteness to protect its independence and future.

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That great victory has particular importance in that it demonstrated to the whole world once again that Anatolia, a thousand-year land of our nation, would be our land for good.

I hereby would like to extend my gratitude to our sisters and brothers from the four corners of the world who displayed their support for our nation through their prayers and with whatever they could give during our War of Independence.

I wish that Allah’s mercy be upon our martyrs and war veterans who struggled to protect our land and for the sake of saving it from the occupation of the enemies.

May you rest in peace.


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